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Is Chesapeake Energy Better Off Without McClendon?

Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK) is preparing for life without CEO and former chairman Aubrey McClendon following his resignation. McClendon is expected to leave the Oil and Gas Company on April 1, after a year that saw the company dispose more than $11 billion in assets toward the servicing of $14 billion worth of debt. Chesapeake experienced one of … Continue reading

With Surface tanking, clueless Microsoft digs faster

Private Equity’s Top 50 Firms for 2012

Originally posted on Investor Network:
If you have a great deal (i.e. great vs. good), let me introduce you to one of my friends that is a partner in Venture Capital, Private Equity, or other types of investors. Learn more about JD Morris:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/jdmorris Today’s we profile the top 50 in size Private Equity Funds.   TPG,…

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Bets On Mainframe Computers

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Bets On Mainframe Computers

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