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Healthcare needs a lesson in cybersecurity 101, report says


As hackers look for an easy target, healthcare could be at the top of their list. According to a recent investigation by the The Washington Post, the rise of electronic health records, other digital health platforms and connected devices has made healthcare more vulnerable to security breaches than almost any other industry.

“I have never seen an industry with more gaping security holes,” Avi Rubin, a computer scientist and technical director of the Information Security Institute at Johns Hopkins University, told the The Post. “If our financial industry regarded security the way the health-care sector does, I would stuff my cash in a mattress under my bed.”

Relative to other industries, including finance and the military, hospitals and medical facilities have been targeted by fewer hacks, the report said, but government officials have recently indicated growing concern. In May, the Department of Homeland Security released a notice warning…

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