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The use of Social Media by Hedge Funds – first of a series of three articles

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In the article below Henrietta Hirst explores opportunities and risks related to the use of social media by hedge funds firms. It has appeared on ProHedge website and is the first of a series of three articles commissioned to Henrietta Hirst by ProHedge .  Enjoy!

To many it may seem paradoxical to mention hedge fund managers and social media in the sameSocial-Media sentence. The one group being traditionally, almost obsessively media shy and the other representing the vanguard of modern day communication.  Yet whilst no one ‘player’ in the hedge fund world can be described as truly sophisticated about social media – these are, after all, early days –  there is, nevertheless, a surprising level of awareness of, and even selective interaction with, the exploding world of viral and online communications.

The most progressive example to date may have been the launch in late 2011 of the, albeit very short lived, Derwent…

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