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Economics 101 and The Fiscal Cliff


The Fiscal Cliff is NONSENSE!

I mean really, it makes no sense to me. But I’ll tell you something that does make sense to me. Our Country owes debt to other countries and other countries owe debt to The US of A. I don’t understand and I wish someone would tell me why Our Leaders in Washington are not making the most of our own natural resources and good ol’ Yankee Ingenuity and capitalize on what apparently is the greatest cash crops in the world, Marijuana.Fiscal Cliff indeed!

There I said it. Now you must understand that is not coming from someone who lives in Washington State where they have taken steps to decriminalize a plant that grows like a weed, has so many useful purposes industrially as well as medicinally, was grown or used by all of our country’s Forefathers and can be harvested anywhere cept’ where ice covers…

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