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China Mobile Surpasses 700mn User Base

Chinese telecommunications giant, China Mobile, has surpassed the 700 million customer milestone. The state owned telecoms company grew its customer base by just under five million customers in October, after reporting 4.96 million new customers.

The company now has a total of 703.47 million customers, nearly half of the country’s total population. More than 11% of the total customers are 3G users.

On the other hand, the company’s rivals were not as successful during the Halloween month. For instance, China Unicom added only 190k new users, on its 2G network. While its 3G network, which currently stands at 70.07 million subscribers added 3.2 million new users during the month.

Its local access customers stood at 92.6 million in October, but lost 25,000 fixed line subscribers. On a positive note, the number of broadband subscribers increased by 677K to 63.33 million.

The other rival, China Telecom signed up 2.9 million subscribers during the months to up its current customer base to 155.52 million. The company’s 3G users stood at 62.74 million, with 3.2 million new additions, while wireless broadband attracted 1.02 million subscribers, to bring the total up to 87.98 million.

The number of local access line for China telecom was down 1.05 million to stand at 164.91 million.


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